Best Value Gun Safe Reviews

Responsible and safe gun storage is important. But with such diverse choice of gun safes in the market it may be difficult to determine which model is correct on your particular needs. Here are several of the characteristics that are worth considering for the first time safe owner:

Dial or electronic lock

By inputting the proper numbers, the dial is readily controlled, and requires minimal care and stands up over time. However, the time to open the dial lock is longing as opposed to version that is electronic. Plus, these types of locks do not mechanically lock on closing the safe door.

The electronic lock which contains the fingerprint (biometric) or best gun safe lock is the fastest to open of the two and also mechanically locks. However, such a mechanism has a higher threat of failure and needs regular replacement of the batteries.

Steel Strength

Even if a safe is large and heavy, there is no guarantee that is will protect the contents against a breakin. At minimum, a gun safe should have 10-gauge steel resist most attempts to drill or cut and to give the required level of protection.


The big gun safes have the possibility to weigh thousands of pounds. To minimize the risk of a burglar trying to get rid of the safe with a dolly that is moving, the preferred mass for an empty unit is in the area of 750 pounds. For additional security, the majority of the most effective safes are made to be bolted to the floor or wall surface.

Fire Protection

An additional worthwhile feature of the gun safe is the capacity to resist fire for a certain amount of time. A house fire really has the possibility to reach 1000 Fahrenheit in under ten minutes, which can quickly begin melting the safe that is regular. The majority of the safes which have fire protection include an additional layer of sheetrock or ceramic panels that help help keep the inside below a particular temperature for 4-6 hours.

Additional armor

Many of the top- include additional armor such as the relocker that activates on an attempt to drill the safe and ensure it is substantially more difficult to get use of the contents that are safe. Additionally, a similar kind of protection characteristics is the steel plate that sits behind the locking mechanism to guard against any effort to drill the lock.

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